Specialists in Municipal Credit Analysis

Founded in 2004, Savader Asset Advisors LLC (SAA) is dedicated to preparing objective and economical municipal credit research for financial service firms such as community banks, bond funds, private money managers and equipment leasing firms.

Our clients include those with existing in-house credit teams—where our support allows their analysts to focus on higher value-added tasks—to firms without any in-house credit team—where we essentially function as their municipal research department.

Every day our staff of veteran municipal analysts helps financial service firms make well-informed investment decisions as well as keep abreast of critically important credit information. In addition, our services can help institutions comply with external regulatory requirements, including banks which must comply with the rules of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC Bulletin 2012-18).

For more information on Savader Asset Advisors LLC and its municipal credit research services, please call us at (516) 639-1074, or email us at info@savaderassetadvisors.com.